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Juan M. Alvarez  is a senior member of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, a licensed Real Estate Broker and Certified General Contractor in the State of Florida.  Alvarez has over 45 years of professional experience in the construction industry, including design, construction and financing of industrial, commercial and residential projects.   During the past 30 years Prof. Alvarez has been actively involved in the design and construction of commercial and residential projects using the environmental art of Feng Shui. 

Juan M. Alvarez has been in metaphysics since an early age. He is a sixty-year member and Grand Councilor Emeritus of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and of the Martinist Order. 

Juan M. Alvarez is an internationally recognized authority on Feng Shui.  He dedicates a great part of his time to making people aware of the changes that are happening on our planet through his work with Feng Shui.   Prof. Alvarez has studied Feng Shui with Master Raymond Lo from Hong Kong; completed the Feng Shui Mastery Program with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai from Malaysia; and is a student disciple of Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun, creator of the Fourth Level of Feng Shui.        

Prof. Alvarez was a pioneer bringing the teachings of Feng Shui to South Florida and to Latin America.  He travels widely through North, Central America, South America and Spain, imparting the knowledge of Feng Shui.  He has been invited to speak at national and international Feng Shui and professional events, including all the International Feng Shui Conferences held in the United States, Special Lecturer in the VII National Congress of Architects and Engineers, City of Panama, Panama, 1996; International congresses of Feng Shui in Bogotá, Colombia; International Real State Show, Curacao, Netherland Antilles; American National Society of Commercial Store Designers, Atlanta, Georgia; Whole Life Expo; Body Mind and Spirit,  Miami Book Fair International and Book Expo Convention.

Prof. Alvarez has also written numerous articles for national and international magazines and newspapers and has participated in different programs about Feng Shui in national and international radio and television networks. He is a contributor to the Lillian Too Feng Shui Magazine Word magazine (Spanish Edition).

He is also author of Feng Shui, the Harmony of Life; Feng Shui, the Ten Thousand Years Manual; Feng Shui, Predictions and Cures;  Feng Shui, Arte del Vivir Conciente; Feng Shui, Arte del Diseño; Feng Shui, 99 Secretos; Date Selection Xuan Xong Da Gua, Electronic Manual Qi Men Dun Jia, Feng Shui Professional Manual and co-author of the book Feng Shui Anthology. One of the most important contributions of Prof. Alvarez in Feng Shui philosophy has been his proposals: "Geometry of the Eight Trigrams of the I-Ching" and the "Trigram Mirror Formulas Theory", shown for the first time in the appendix of the book “Feng Shui, the Harmony of Life” and explained in detail in his last two books.    The Mirror Formula Theory facilitates the interpretation of Pa-Chai (Eight Mansions), advanced Pa-Chai, Flying Stars, Water Dragon formulas and Xuan Xong Da Gua.


Juan M. Alvarez maintains his engineering and real estate offices and the Feng Shui Cultural Center in Coral Gables, Forida.  The Center offers Feng Shui classes & certifications in English and Spanish on Form, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, Water Dragon and Four Pillars.
Prof. Carmen Alvarez is together with her husband Juan a pioneer in the promotion of the environmental art of Feng Shui.  In 1993 Carmen established the Fairy's Ring Center in Coral Gables, Florida. 
The Fairy's Ring, in Coral Gables, Florida, is decorated in accordance to the methods of the School of Forms and design formulas of classic Feng Shui.
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